The Fire Breathes 

Katniss never knew careers could look so delicious. Or at least one career in particular… Katniss/Clove Clovniss, Cloveniss

Smells like home.


Here’s my Madniss video, this should actually work :)

First half is mostly from Madge’s perspective, second half is more from Katniss’ perspective.

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Hafsia Herzi as Katniss; Imogen Poots as Madge

Summer Bishil as Katniss; Imogen Poots as Madge

A Surprising Alliance

Even Careers can be surprised in the Arena. The story of an unlikely bond between Clove and Foxface. Femslash: Clove/Foxface. In character and follows the plot.

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 carmilla-of-karnstein asked: "Hi. Not sure if you take these, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I wrote a Foxface(Finch)/Clove fanfic that I’m quite proud of and would love a promo for, if you do that sort of thing www(.)fanfiction(.)net/s/8249841/1/A_Surprising_Alliance PS. Love LOVE LOVE the idea of this blog. I’m an Enomere shipper all the way. :)"

and history books forgot about us, and the bible didn’t mention us…

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